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I believe so far the world was created with the power of words, I believe words can solve its problems too. And I believe if the words must erupt from their hidden places, then they must first be discovered by me.
This writer, blogger and artist is Ogunleke Adekunle Emmanuel who goes with the pen name Akinkunmi Adewumi, The name which was given to him by his grandma and he also finds poetic and “writerly”.
I started this blog in a bid to expose my writings to the world, especially you. One night like this, I shared one of my poems with a friend and he told me, “Man! You wrote this, I mean I could hear my voice in the poem. I can feel the emotion. The world needs to read you. ” Then, I started to search for a way to turn this to a reality. I got to know about WordPress, at first, I was scared about the financial aspect of the blogging stuff. But I later discovered I can get started with this free WordPress.com. So that is how I got started here we are. Yeah. We are going there! Self hosting? Don’t worry, we are going there. What matters is getting people to read your words, sharing your ideas with the world. You have them now.

So I started writing originally in 2014, I wrote a poem and a short story. I was to submit for a contest. I gave my lecturer copies of the two. She looked at it and shook off the short story. This is more of an essay not a story. But for this, it is poetic. That was how I continue poetry even though I lost the contest.


I am rounding off a B. A degree in English and international studies at Osun state university, Osogbo, Nigeria. I am artist too. This is one of my pencil works…

Picture of the current president of Nigeria, Mohammed Buhari.

October 31st is my birthday.
I am a Nigerian.
My email address is : ogunlekeadekunleemmanuel@gmail.com
My phone number is +2347038795511
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