Incisions from Matthew’s cane


Complement of the season


When we heard sizzling at our window panes,
We rushed out with our bowls to collect water,
Heavens blessing,
Until Mathew hurry towards us with his cane,
Eyes filled with lightenings flashing through our hearts
Feeding us fear….
Matthew screamed and screamed  thunderbolts,
We rushed inside the house, our rooms became pools,
Our beds weigh than death from their drink of flood,
Matthew shed no tears,
He yawned and threw our roof to my friend’s chest
Poor friend, packing her mum’s clothes from the rope
I embraced my sister in the stilled waters,
We watched Matthew stole our clothes, transport them to the ports,
Our books softer, quaking and quaking, having drunk to stupor,
Oh! The house rats are having smooth sails around the rooms
The strokes of rain beat our foreheads
We thought they would break….
We await Mama who had been hawking since
When the sun rose,
We saw her scarf,dancing on the flowing waters,
where is she?
We found her groundnuts swimming the waters
She was there, lying amidst the waters
Oh! She must have been very cold….
My sister tapped her to wake up….

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3 thoughts on “Incisions from Matthew’s cane

  1. David Vincent

    Please sir, please am Nigeria citizen, please i want to enter brunel poetry contest for this year before deadline by this month. Please I doint know the link to submit the poem to and I have mail them time without numbers , I doint hear from them, thaks , best regard.


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