Howdy, Been long I post here! To those who  asked of me, I am truly grateful. Been working on a project.  Here is a scene from my play manuscript “Saint Festus”. Please do give me your feedback by commenting below.

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The curtain was drawn open to show John’s bedroom. John was fixing his head lamp while there was an hawker’s outcry of advert from outside. This setting is of midnight. John’s wife is seen rolling from side to side on the bed.
Voice: Kengbe! Akara ( 4×) (Then silence)
Asabi: Call the girl for me, the beans cake seller…
Voice: Kengbe! Akara (4x) (Now reduced to the background)
John: Hahaha ( Loud cackling laughter) Asabi, the boy had stayed too long into the night and is being punished by the night watch man.
Asabi: Oh! You are up.
John: Yes. I am off to work.
Voice: Kengbe! Akara (2x) (Fainting in the background)
Asabi: Be careful.
John: Yes. (Walking towards her, to peck her cheek) I will.
Asabi: What!
John: Water! (Tries to kiss her again while she restrained him with her hand.)
Asabi: Where did you learnt that from? When you are not an hen, why would you want to bite me with your beak?
John: I am not biting you. (He finally pecked her and ran out of the stage)
Asabi: My husband is becoming mad or say an imbecile. I am going to rinse my cheek. (She picked a bottle of water and left the stage.)

Curtain falls.


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