Poem: Omidan.


Is it your waist bangles like musical sheets?
That sings mi soh lah lah soh mi mi re doh.
Or is around your buttock like Sekere,
Making you flee from the rite of washing of
feet? 5
Or is it your face like that of a peacock
That makes you toy with every advances of
Tell me, what is a peacock without its feathers?
Are many seeds and fruits, not the joy of a
farmer? 9


Or tell me,
Where are the clothes I bought last yam festival?
Are they not this year’s rags that suffer fever?
Or is it the twin heaps on your farm field,
That eulogizes you as king as it was done to
See! They will be washed down by the powerful
rains of time
And hills will turn plains.
Won’t you dry your clothes before the sun sets?
For savour’s sake, men sought
salts. 18


Glossary: Omidan is a Yoruba word that means
young woman, lady or damsel.
Sekere is a Yoruba musical instrument, made
with beads and gourd.

Please comment below. Feel free to review, criticise the poem and appreciate the poem. Follow this blog so as to be updated about the coming blog posts.


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