Oh´╝ü Valentine´╝î
White shirt and red tie´╝î
blue sky with dying sun
husband and wife´╝î
Moon-star lovers´╝î
Is it not´╝č
When there are Sahara stomachs´╝î
with its serpents hissing thunder´╝î
waiting for our sprinkling of water.
where there are trees without barks´╝î
chameleons of torn garments´╝î
but´╝îwe change garment like the sky´╝î
wet only the trees in the valley.
When there are birds without nests´╝î
beaten here and there by heaven’s tears.
we buy yacht where some
enjoy the nightingale songs of mosquitos
every night under the open sky they sleep.


Oh´╝ü I wonder like the roaming clouds,
at the heads that suffers lack
as many like grains of sand.
Oh´╝üI wonder why some eat to spoil
and will never toss a coin at a street beggar.
I wonder why that withered skin
carries sticks around without a single hand
to help.
Oh´╝ü I wonder how pence,
map the world with fence.
A closed hand hinders outflow and in flow.
A stingy hand is a stagnant lagoon.

Please comment below. Feel free to review the poem, criticise and appreciate the poem. Follow this blog so as to be updated of the coming blog posts.


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