There was no fence


There was no fence
This evening, I sense earth’s whirling
like a ball kicked into the wind
as I observe this blue sky with love’s dying sun
like sounds from hell I heard the moaning of the moon
then again´╝îI saw the smokes erupting from stars’ cigar blurring into the sky
when earth becomes Jonah in Whale’s wailing mouth of darkness
like ants, stars search for savours to cluster around.
When everywhere Sahara stomachs lie like serpents
Climbing every tree´╝îhissing thunderbolts
Waiting for sprinklings from your Atlantic reservoir
So that rainbow serpent can cross your sky…
On our streets´╝îcascades of birds of no nests parade the sky
the heavens weep for us and its tears drench us
but´╝îyou do not allow us on your corridors
Yet´╝îwe enjoy the nightingale songs of mosquitos
under the broken shell of earth.
Like the roaming cloud
we wander and wonder all over the earth
as many as the sands of the sea are we
Tossed here and there like a coin.
We wonder and ponder on
how before pence´╝îthere was no fence.


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