Rime of tears
Mountainous skin befriends crocodile skin
black skins with disease as its kin.
The protruding stomach aches of emptiness
munching their food, are hands blessed with fullness.
In their trials, the sun, their tears fry
peace, into their midst pry.
Like the sky, their heads chameleon its garment
turning puppets of alien garments.
On the fence of East and West they dwell
their ears were deaf to the jingling war bells.
they came in ships, fish the whales
they, whiter than snow, left the black oceans to wail.
This black bullet bullies not a bull
their rime buckets of crimes turn full.
Tomorrow tells stories of sorrow
the belly infants might play roles.
but, their hope is knit on the garment of this moonless night
their blackness is its knight.
This coming sons are the tailors of tales of love
Tomorrow’s sun will travel skies of love.


Please comment below. Feel free to review and criticise the poem. Follow this blog so as to be updated
about the coming blog posts.


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