Poem: Castles of honeycomb



It is a poet’s pondering in his pond of thoughts
thoughts of who the architect,bricklayers and carpenters of hearts
hearts,hearts of art,hearts of beauty
hearts,the earth that hearth castles
castles of honeycomb,Oceans
Oceans of honey,Oceans that harmattan’s she-sun
harms not,oceans that flow fore-forever.

In my wondering wanderings
I wonder wander around the world
like Miss-He-peep-he…
I funneled my mouth to the sap
sap breweries of palm trees
but,it never fist my mist of tears.

Amidst my mist of thoughts
I v-sit and feast with Eledua
We roam in the robe of the sky
Eledua sent me to Obatala
Obatala,the man of clay,clay of a man.
In his gallery,the darkness of the night
in my eyes kiss the moon.
I saw the mood mud of clay in my hands
Obatala mould eerie galls of them.
In a wink of an eye
He smashed the eerie galls to a mash and mould pots-
ports of honey.


I found foundations,foundations of those castles
castles of honeycomb.
I behold and bill the hold of those castles
Behold,those castle’s tongues,were once like whales,wailing through the
rivers,rivers that ooze
from the xylem stem of bitter leaves
but now the rivers are stale of the bitter stay.
…Their clouds birth mirths of rain.

Eledua: Yoruba name/word for Almighty God.
Obatala: Yoruba name/word for god of creation.
Akanji: A Yoruba praise name.

Please comment below. Feel free to review and criticise the poem. Follow this blog so as to be updated of the coming blog posts.


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