Love colored



       We held each other’s hands,
       Mine as dark as the night🕐🕜🕑
        Hers as white as snow☁⛅☁⛅
        The glass at the restaurant tells us
         Our colours💜💜💙💙💙💙
         Our skin color. ❤💜💛💚💛💝

          She looked at me and 😱😨😄😃
          Tighten our knitted fingers …👫  
Our river Nile and Benue of colours 🐳
Met at the estuary of the humming blues
Where the waves sing of unending love
Where Nile and Benue kissed at the palette of hate💑💑💏💋💋💖
Mixing, toning into blue, hues of love.
love tightens the ribbon
of the sky with the rainbow of race.

Colored! A voice grunt.
We smiled, our mixture of colours
Makes the eyes lust after us like peacocks amidst other birds.

I tightened our fingers too.
I was the dark cloud,
She was the white cloud,
We became pregnant
And fell in fragments of rain drops.
A rainbow ribbon bound our wrist,
As we crossed the Rubicon of race.

Please comment below. Feel free to review and criticise the poem. Follow the blog for post updates.
(c)  2016, Ogunleke Adekunle.


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