Poem: WILL Withering wilderness


Will withering wilderness

My heart!
Wheeling through the will withering wilderness?
Know that,it is a tour
through the forest for rest.
Mind not the hindering juice
oozing from the xylem of this bitter leaf
but,Take!Eat this fruit of patience
For this tongue will swim
oceans,oceans of honey after the staleness of its bitterness.
These tears run through the dimples of you my heart
they flow with the current of the oceans of death
I hum and hum the tones of mourning every morning.
Alas!Death stole the heart
of this house
this house which is my body
when this household is asleep and wide awake.
Death!the vault of the sore row of sorrows
which save my heart and the heart of this household.
My heart,the heart of this household is my belove
that was stolen by you, Death!
Yet death restrain its prey from the pain of life’s train.
Smashing the clay for a new mould
a new design and a new love.
A withered leaf,wheel a willing sprouting.

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