My favourite painting

My favorite painting

   Under this oak tree,
   I stood, gazing into the far horizon,
   searching for landscapes that can feed the eyes,
   really tired of roaming about.
   Just like a day dream turned to reality,
   then to a life model,
   "Hmmm! Look at that Flamboyant tree"
    behold it habours something good.
     Natural and catchy
     like a blue butterfly 

on a Sun flower.
With a vacant mind,
I start my sketch,
hard to draw though,
for the creator’s design is much.

      Even, when I got to my studio, 
      that I had to resketch

and start painting,
with ease to remember,
without checking my former sketch,
You! I could see clearly
just like watching Indian’s
Kuchi and Karan movie,

         it was like a miracle,
         I don't want it to disappear,
          before I had to snap my landscapes
          with my medium camera,
          but this time, my memory snapped the picture.
          My hands mix and tone the right color,
          my brush spread my love 
           like drops of rain from the sky,as I paint.
           "Your best painting ever!"
             my friend remarked,
            "She is like Venus"
            Then, I became afraid,
             having the feeling

of a farmer
that pitched his maize plantation beside an highway,
afraid of thieves and goats.
Whereas, I am not the farmer,
I have not even sown.

             I will start now,
             please let your heart be loamy to my words,
             that they may grow,
              leave not my heart to furrow.

             Although I am not a poet,
             and I am do not know the craft of words,
             but only know how to paint with colors,
             let me paint your heart with blue,
             So that mine can be white
             and my blood can travel without accidents.

             Give me your hands,
              I have the ring
              forged out of golds from Havillah.
              Let Cupid shoot us with his arrow
              that we can bless the earth with seeds.
              Let me name you "Flamb" intead of woman.