A birthday poem

When today broke forever with you
As its embryo,
When today in old yore broke from its shells
You were the crying baby
Crying for the joy of existence
I searched for tomorrow in the pocket of today
I saw you, the moon, the sun, all paying you homages,
You were like their mother, the light.
Before the show ends the king of heaven
Echoed fine tunes of prayers,
He bound the rib of today with ribbons of happiness,
He told me to deliver them to you in verses
Take this cake of long life before today pass.
Gulp the honey flowing from the celestial abode
For among days, today is the fountain of your fortunes,
Sing this verse, with bird ‘s tunes
Tell her the heaven crave for her peace,
Tell her she is heaven’s delight, says God.

Happy Birthday. If today is your birthday, this poem is for you.


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