I have never felt like this before
All but just a day
Just that visit to your place with my aunt
I started having flashbacks
Of your incandescent smiles,
Day dreams of
Your light,blue-eyed face
And the playback of your sonorous voice
I started making films
Of how it will be
To hear your mouth say
“I love you”.
How can I express my love
Since I am not a poet
That paint with words
But,you are as air to me
Ever since I met you
I gained strength to go on with my days
When others forsake me
I find your shoulder to lie on
When life seems so boring,
I find a consoling chest to cry on
And when after jumping over
The high bars of life,
I find a pink caressing lips
What can I use
To show my gratitude
All thanks to the creator
For giving me a goddess
That makes me a god.
I pray always
That if tomorrow
I or you must die
Since it is only death
That can separate us
Then,there should be no tomorrow
So that,we can continue today forever
Or we negotiate with the great messenger
To take us to the same heaven.
So that we can enjoy our love in the second phase
Even in your absence,
I always see your imaginary
Men ever dying for face
That even I myself as a globetrotter
Have never seen one
To match up with yours
When it comes to allurement
That lures many charming mens.
I will remain under your enchantment.


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