So today, I am a little bit sick. So I decided to post one of the poems I wrote when I started writing poetry. This is probably my third. I wrote it in 2014. I submitted it for a workshop and got invited for the workshop but couldn’t go because of the finance of traveling, accommodation, and feeding during the period of the workshop. Please do enjoy. Forget about the story. Lol.


Skimpy heads
that twinge the foot
leaving them as soot
and chameleon themselves to aedes
forgeting that the fall of the sky
is not an affair just a man.

Infants cannot play under the moon again
and our boone turned to goon
creator,please strain us from this bane
and blain from the fain cane of our thane
deliver the swooning ones from the lagoon
since the khakis are as a rat in a foxhole
students are also on the run for pork
and teachers rejecting the chalk
stop the talk!

All is just like a man on a gym
deserting the house for the inn
the hands also munching their bock
and thoroughfares now turned to crock
cobs transformed to dealers of oil
Rabbits now pay for soil
even the holy of holies now use oil to foil
swords are now made with marbles
alas! A nation born with gore will surely burn
just like Sodom and Gomorrah
even colleens do not wait till before dawn
and springtides reduced to shambles
but making theirs aura,
turning the rest to flora
making sure to kill premature trees like Iroko and Baobab
so that,they wouldn’t spread their branches
over them and their aura
Since these heads have failed us
we are going to avoid the cuss plus ones that buss
we are ready to be the truss
for this nation
for we are morrow’s cation
and we need protect our children’s children
and save our brothers from their den
let’s not be skimpy but think beyond our ken
I drop my pen.

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