FOR EVERYBODY: Some thoughts on simile.


Simile is a figure of speech that involves the comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind, used to make a description more emphatic and vivid. Let’s cut to the chase. Straight to the rules.

*When using simile, you must have two things you are comparing. Thus, you cannot say the sky is as blue as the bluest sky or the man is as tall as the tallest man. It is tautological. There is no comparison there.

*The two things you are comparing must be different entities with a distinct and Vivid similarity. The man is as tall as a palm tree. “The man” and the “palm tree” are different. The former is animate while the latter is inanimate. But palm trees are usually tall at their adult stage. So the two entities share “tallness”.
*The other entity must be universal. Saying the cloth is as green as chlorophyll, how many of us know chlorophyll?

  • Whenever you are using simile, make the comparison direct.  Make sure you are not saying the cloth is either chlorophyll or a leaf.
    *Use connecting  words: “as”, ” like “, ” So”,”than” etc. Although they are not always necessary, use them for clarity sake. You might not be there to justify your act to your readers. So use them please!
    *There are some comparison that are disputable. When you compare the whiteness of an object to that of the sky, what of the cloudy skies, or what of the saying that there is no white sky without a dark spot.If you are comparing the greeness of an object to that of a leaf, what of plants without green leaves. Don’t feel cornered, this post is just to enlighten you. The choice is yours.
    I hope you have learnt one or two things?

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