Poetry Super Highway Competition


Poetry Super Highway Competition
Contest Sponsors:
Amy Carpenter-Leugs • Anonymous • Bryan Damien Nichols • Cafe Poets • Carol Dorf and Terri Saul • Clint Hirschfield • Corey Mesler • Cross-Cultural Communications • D.L. Lang • David Flynn • Douglas Richardson • Dreams & Nightmares Magazine • E. Amato • Ed Werstein • Ellaraine Lockie • Frank Mundo • Hanoch Guy-Kaner • Helen Townsend • Ink Publications • Isobel Cunningham • Jean Colonomos • Joy Wilson Parrish • Judith R. Robinson • Kaye Voigt Abikhaled • L.B. Sedlacek • Larry Bubar • Leilani Squire • LONE STARS Poetry Magazine • Los Angeles Poet Society • Magdalena Ball • Marianne Szlyk • Marie C Lecrivain • Marsha C. Markman • Martina R. Gallegos • Mary Langer Thompson • Michael Paul Hogan • Muddy River Poetry Review & Muddy River Books • Nancy Shiffrin • Neil Leadbetter • Pedestrian Press • Rattle • RD Armstrong • Recursive Multimedia • Richard Rensberry • Rick Lupert • Rolland Vasin • Ron Kolm • Sandra Soli, poet/editor • Science Fiction Poetry Association • Spectrum Publishing • StephenMeadArt • Steve Braff • The New Short Fiction Series
• The Ontario Poetry Society • The Sacred Beverage Press • Thee Instagon Foundation Sticker Club • Theresa Stuart-One Unique Woman’s Words • Trish Lindsey Jaggers • TrishHopkinson.com • Unlikely Books • Vincent O’Connor • Voices Israel • Winning Writers
Entry Guidelines | Prizes | Meet Your Judges | Contest Calendar
Entry Guidelines
The Poetry Super Highway Poetry Contest Is open to all human beings on planet Earth. (except for the three judges)
Enter as many poems as you like.
Previously published poems are eligible.
Poems may be of any style, length, or subject matter.
This contest is separate from weekly Poet of the Week consideration though submissions for Poet of the week consideration must be separate from Contest Submissions and the same poems may not be submitted for both.
There is a One Dollar Per Poem (US Funds Only) entry fee.
Poems are sent to the three contest judges with your name removed. The judges score each poem from 0-5 using quarter point intervals. (0, .25, .5, .75, 1, 1.25, 1.5, etc…)
Poems are sent to judges only after you fill out the Contest Entry Form and we have received your payment.
There are three easy steps to entering the contest:
1. Fill out the entry form
2. E-mail your poems Guidelines on how and where to email poems will be displayed once you submit the contest entry form.
3. Pay the Entry Fee Guidelines on how and where to submit your $1 per poem entry fee will be displayed once you submit the
contest entry form .
Click here to go to the entry form.
Deadlines Etcetera
Deadline for postmarking entry fees (or paying them via PayPal or Venmo) is
Saturday, October 1, 2016.
Regardless of when you postmark, your entry fees must be received by Wednesday, October 5 , so if you’re mailing your entry fee, please account for the amount of time it will take for your it to travel between your home and Los Angeles.
This is a not for profit contest . All of the collected entry fees will be divided between the top three scoring poems (minus postage for mailing out additional prizes. See Prize List below)
Once your entry fee is received, your poems will be sent with your name removed to the three judges who will score them 0 – 5 (5 being best).
Your poems will not be forwarded to the judges until your entry fee is received.
If you have any questions or need any of the contest details clarified, please e-mail
First Prize: 50% of the entry fees collected plus winning poem featured on the PSH
Second Prize: 30% of the entry fees collected plus winning poem featured on the PSH.
Third Prize: 20% of the entry fees collected plus winning poem featured on the PSH.
In addition, thanks to sponsor Rolland Vasin, an additional $250, plus another $20 from an anonymous sponsor, will be added to the entry fees collected and divided with the above percentages among the top three scoring poets.
Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we are able to supplement the cash prizes with an impressive array of prizes which would be of interest to poets and writers.
The following prizes will be used to bolster first through third prize as well as distributed to other contest entrants.
Our goal is to be able to send every single person who enters the contest something.


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