When God started work on the planet earth, earth was nothing. The Genesis of all races was borne out of nothing. Genesis 1 vs. 2: And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep…. But God had something in mind.
There is a mystic working with every genii, poets, musicians, philosophers, inventors etc. Their mystic inspired them to proffer panacea to the problems “nothingness”. They had the problem in mind, but the solutions comes out of nothing.
Many people had business ideas, ambitions, plans but they ended up not being transformed to reality because the conceiever (those who conceive)  the dreams allowed them to waft into thin air like puffs of smoke because they allowed their state of nothingness to set them back. Most people say, I want to start this business but because of their financial indulgence, the dreams  were not birthed.

But the fact is that most great men we envy today have conflicts in some stages of their lives. That is why when they write their memoir, you find it enjoyable to read. Good stories must have conflicts. The greatest inventions in history erupted out of problems to solve.Is it that of Blaise Pascal, Thomas Edison, Karl Marx (poverty), Barack Obama’s racial issue etc. That is why the hero in every play has a problem to solve.
When God created the earth, though the earth was nothing, God had something in mind,plans, and started something. He created the light(sun and moon) before he went ahead with the separation of water from the soil, then the plants, then animals, then humans. If he had created humans before the rest, the food chain would be wrong. Maybe humans would have been hungry before the creation of the rest. In other words, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Take a step after the other. You might not have everything at once but you can start something with nothing.
If you have the idea, you can always partner with people of like-minds. After all no man is an island of itself. Believe in yourself, start something though little, the rest will surface with time.


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