Internet has far spread its wings in Nigeria and the world. Many Nigerian youths now find it very difficult to live a day without accessing the internet. Most of them visit various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, 2go and lots more, just to chat with friends and make new friends, while we have some that visits search engines to study and get more knowledge from them. Search engines like Google, Yahoo search has gain a huge traffic over the years. Some people also relied on the internet as their source of income, these people include; bloggers, web designers and so on. All these have helped a lot to increase the wide usage of the internet and it has also been promoted by the Nigerian policy and right to free internet access which is also known as the right to broad band. These right has been granted to Nigerian citizens in order to give them the opportunity to exercise and enjoy their freedom of expression and opinion. These right has been questioned by a lot of Nigerians, some people are of the opinion that there should be restriction to internet usage in Nigeria, these two opinions have been formed based on the effects of the right to broad band.
Even though citizens under the age of eighteen are not granted full access to the internet in Nigeria, but, many of them access some adult websites by affirming they are eighteen, and there is no police to catch them. They visit and even download files from porn and girlie websites. Since these youths are our future, then, through that we breed future bad eggs.
Through this policy and right, you now see students and even pupils tweeting and chatting on Facebook during lectures, teachings and seminars. Students now wile away their time on internet, time when they ought to be reading, they substitute them for internet surfing, visiting social networks and searching for tweaks and games.
A lot of people have been defrauded, cheated and even, jilted through the internet. Since there is no internet certificate to track these bad mens, Many adults have been attracted by some catchy but devil’s pit advertisements on the internet while many people do use social networks to cheat others. For example, a huge lot of people have been defrauded through the use of Yahoo, majority of those people are promised some goods if they pay some amount of money into a bank account, and after doing so, both money and goods will not be seen. And even, some cheat others by creating blogs, they tell them to refer some amount of people to get particular amount of money, but it is all deception.
With the wide usage of internet, and easy means to post views options on the internet, many entertainment stars find it uncomfortable, when they see some articles about them, in which some bloggers and web builders write, just to drive a lot of readers and visitors. Some people use internet to blackmail others, as a revengeful act or as a tactics to get money and fame.
Although there has been a lot of criticism against this right, but still, there is no sky without a black spot, the broad brand policy also has its good sides.
It makes it easier and covenient for young minds to study and gather informations from online source without having the feelings of been followed. So therefore, they are able to gather opinions all around the world. It also help them to ask questions from their colleagues from anywhere in the world, post their own ideas on issues and also, help to solve problems. It makes them creative because they are often greatly inspired by others works. Through the free internet access policy, a lot of Nigerians are exposed to the world around them.
Broad brand policy have also been a privilege to bloggers and web designers, since there is free access to the internet, then, bloggers can get what they need, which is traffic. Likewise web designers will have to create more websites for corporate bodies, companies and individuals.
Media agency have also benefitted from the free internet access policy, since there is no restrictions as to internet surfing, they too, they get new readers everyday. Medias like; CNN, ALJAZEERA, BBC, PUNCH NIGERIA.
Through this policy also, corporate bodies, companies and individuals have been able to advertise their business via the internet with the mind that, it will widely be seen and it will drive more cutomers and clients.
This Nigeria’s policy of free internet access have greatly affected the citizens both in negative and positive ways. But despite the bad effects, the right to free internet access, is still a good and acceptable fundamental human right, for the cautious minds.
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