Those things you write and say,
just to bring to dust
You called me an ape,
just because to the negroes
I belong.

You paint me black,
just because to another god,
I down-arc.
You behold my legs,
and hail me “a snail”.
You always use the word
“archaic” or “conventional”
to qualify my dress style.

And accuses me of too much
stress and emotion while speaking,
just because my tongue
is different from yours.

They are just taboo tongues
that you try to use
to lock me in that isolation cell
and atimes to rang a bell
to me,like I am about to be slaughtered.

But you all forgot,
that even though,our difference
be clear,
sons and daughters
are we to the creator.
that is why, I am not burned out
because,they all just meant
that you are just behind me
in the race,
so you can see my back.